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1. What is the criterion for admission?

Citizens who are 55 years of age or above (either in spouse)  are admitted.   Citizens who have satisfactorily fulfilled their family and social commitments and who wish to retire to a place where they can pursue their hobby hobbies and lead a healthy and contented life.

2. What are the types of accommodation?

A) Cottage type with living room,  bedroom,  pantry,  bathroom,  verandah and Entry- 860 Sqft.
b) Single bedroom with bathroom/corridor -420 Sqft.

3. Are there facilities for meditation, Yoga etc.,?

Yes, a Mantap is allocated for Yoga, Meditation.  There is a separate room for TV and well-stocked Library.

4. If we go out on a short holiday will there be any deduction on the monthly charges?

No, sorry.  Will be considered on as a very special case. 

5. Is there any facility to accommodate our children and guests?

With prior notice, guests can be accommodated in a separate Guest House for a day or two a few days only by paying extra amount fixed by the Authorities. 

6. Can we go out for shopping or for the visiting temples?

Yes. You will be given a photo identity card to be taken with you when going out. You are expected to enter the time of departure and expected time of arrival to the home in the register kept in the office.

7. Tell us about the security and safety aspects at the home.

We are committed for the safety of the residents and as such, the total area is covered with compound wall and barbed fencing; day and night watch and ward, intercom facility, CCTV Campus-wide,  and fire extinguisher are provided.


8. Can we have non-veg food, alcohol and cigarette?

Sorry, such items are not allowed on the campus very strictly. Outside food is also not allowed.

9. Will the community admit sick persons?

Bedridden patients are not admitted.

10. Can I bring my own domestic help?

Sorry, domestic help is not permitted. On a very special case, it may be considered. Allowed on the condition that Payment for the attendant is to be made on the same basis as a resident.  

11. Do I have to pay for the electricity and water?

Yes, EB bill to be paid by the resident.

12. Tell us about the health care facilities available.

In-house resident doctor is available. Regular B. P. and blood sugar check, E.C.G can be undertaken at a nominal cost in the Campus. In case of emergency transport to a nearby hospital shall be arranged. If For any major health problem and treatment, the resident has to bear the incidental expenses.  Health profiles of all the residents are kept in the in-house computer system.  24 x 7 Nurse is available in the Campus. ?

13. What recreational facilities are available?

Indoor games like chess, carom, Table Tennis and outdoor shuttle, gardening, walking tracks are available.

14. Do we need to give prior intimation before vacating?

Yes, two months prior notice is essential.

15. Is cooking inside the room allowed?

No, only warming of beverages may be done in the cottage.  No gas cylinder is allowed, only electric stove is permitted. 

16. Are we allowed keeping our pets inside the room?

Pets not allowed inside the residential campus.

17. How do we safeguard our valuables?

You are advised not to keep your valuables within the campus. But you can have your own lockers in your residence.


18. Can I own the property?

No, you can’t own the Cottage.  You can have it leased.   You can’t transfer the leased Cottage other than the person with whom you occupied at the time of admission.  Other than this, if you both are leaving the campus, the entire rights should be surrendered to the Management of Anandamayee. (Please discuss)


19. How about the initial Deposit amount ?

We charge Rs. 12 lakhs initially as a deposit while entering into 11 months agreement.  Every 11 months, if both, the Management and Resident agree, this agreement can be renewed.  Name of the Nominee should be filled in the Admission Form. We follow a 1 year Lock-in period.  Residents can live any longer period.  Once, both of them leave the Campus, 100% of the Deposit will be refunded to the Nominee.  Monthly maintenance fee is charged Rs. 13,000/- p.m. per person.  This is to be followed for the first year.  It can be increased/reduced according to the cost of materials.   (Please discuss)

20. How about the monthly Electricity Bills?

For each cottage, a separate Meter if fixed:  accordingly the residents have to pay their amount at Home Office.  


21. What are all the services included in the monthly charges?

It includes Accommodation charges, House Keeping, Food, Maintenance of Common areas, Garden, Power Backup Generator, and Provision of Water for bathing, Staff Salary, Welfare, Utilisation of Meditation and Yoga hall, Library, Indoor and Outdoor activities and access to in house temple.

22. Is there a parking space available?

Yes, one car per cottage is permitted. 

23. Is there a temple within the premises?

Yes, a Lord Panchamukhi Ganesh temple is within the campus.

24. Can I block a room and move in later?

Yes after paying the deposit check in within three months.

25. What provisions are there for internet?

Wi-fi is available in the campus. 


26. Any transport facilities to the town centre?

Facilities will be arranged by Anandamayee at nominal extra charges.

27. In case no claimant is made will the last rituals be performed by the trust?

Yes, as per the wish expressed at the time of admission with the permission of Nominee.  

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